I am often asked while traveling what gear I use and what I carry around in my photo bag(s). Here’s a short summary.


  • Nikon 700: Excellent hermetically sealed camera (important particularly for polar environments).
  • Nikon F1 (35mm) used for black and white film photography.



  • Nikon 24 – 70mm (F2.8)
  • Nikon 70-200mm (F2.8)
  • Nikon 500mm (F4)
  • Nikon TC-20EII – 2x Converter



LowePro Slingshot 200 AW

The LowePro Slingshot 200 AW is a great travel bag that hangs across the back and can slide into place providing easy access to the camera. It is large enough to carry the Nikon 700 with 24 – 70 attached. Also inside I normally carry the 70 -200, SB 900 flash, binoculars, dictaphone, spare memory cards & batteries. The bag has a built in weather cover which folds into a convenient pouch which is great if it starts to rain while out and about. I usually also attach the Gorilla tripod and a stanley stainless steel water bottle to the back using a set of carabiners.

LowePro Vertex 300 AW

The LowePro Vertex 300 AW is a carry all type bag with plenty of space and although heavy can be carried onboard a flight. The backpack style makes it easy to cary and although it can get heavy carrying all that gear once on is relatively comfortable (compared to the torturous arm stretching alternatives). The all weather cover which like the slingshot folds into a pouch is also handy in rain or when on boats etc and there may be some spray.

Other Accessories:

  • Gitzo carbon fibre tripod & ball head (GH1780QR)
  • Gorilla tripod
  • Wireless Remote (Haehnel)
  • Nikon 9×25 binoculars
  • Nikon SB900 Flash
  • Philips Voice Tracer (digital dictaphone for recording verbal notes)
  • 4 x 16GB memory cards
  • 3 Nikon 700 batteries
  • 16 x spare flash batteries (AA type)


Other Specialist Gear:

  • Gigapan Pro