Product Photography

Below are some examples of products IceVision has photographed.


Want your products professionally Photographed?

IceVision has a profession photographic studio [See Studio] with the latest in professional quality lighting, flash, cameras and lenses.


  • We can photography in our offices or alternatively on site depending on the clients preference, type and size of the objects to be photographed.
  • We deliver high resolution images which are suitable for both print and web use, please specify this beforehand.
  • Product backdrops or settings are selected to suit each product, product type, desired effect or ultimate image usage.
  • Photography delivered via online download, USB Drive, CD or DVD.


  • Photoshop retouching, enhancements and special effects [Billed on an hourly basis]
  • Professional high quality fine art printing and bonding / framing [Priced on a print by print basis upon request]



  • Client Small
  • 1995per unit
  • Client Location
  • < 25cm x 25cm x 25cm
  • Transport costs may apply